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We all crave to create. MUSE LAB is an artistic space offering various workshops and events to spark your imagination.


Join our muses, creative influences, or become the source of inspiration for the community by sharing your original skills.


MUSE LAB opens its door to your ideas, your curiosity, the desires and needs of your creative mind.



Learn from a theatre stage and costume designer and don’t embarrass yourself in a cheap costume this year. Create a mask - massive, beautiful, creepy, weird, scary.... Make a giant animal, zombie, or just a very weir ugly human face. What ever makes you excited!! We guarantee you will win best costume on any party in Whistler this year!

Make a giant Halloween head!!


Learn how to design and make an original knife.

European knife maker Zdenek Janca will be joining us to explain the fundamental principals of knife construction and assist you in designing your own knife. Various blades made by Zdenek will be available to choose from and you will be working with exotic woods, bones, horns, antlers and more to create your handle. An experience not to be missed!

Knife making workshop

Do you like to put your hands in work and try different types of crafts? Try traditional technique - wire wrapping. Even the simple patterns are really beautiful and you can develop the technique further and further. 

You can make jewelry, interior decoration, mugs, jars, bottles…


Learn to collect your memories in a new form - sketching! Your experiences will get new meaning and focus on detail. There is no compare with a pictures from a phone. Learn from a painter, designer and talented artist Erika Cicmanova.

Learn the art of travel sketching with pencil and pen


Get Inspired By Magical BC’s Nature And Its Gifts. Breathe In A New Life To Your Fairy, Guardian, Protector, Patron. Give Your Friend Large Ears, So He Can Listen To Your Trouble. Or Make A Fairy With Huge Muscels So She Can Protect You. Or Do You Want Your Patron To Have Magical Powers? Everything Is Possible!

Create a mystic puppet from natural materials

Do you have a hard time keeping your knives sharp? Does all the different whetstones look exactly the same to you? Join the knife sharpening class with a knife maker and learn everything you need to know to become sharpening guru. You will never see a dull knife again.


Because your Mom does not live in Whistler!

Introduction to the sewing machine.

Learn how to use a sewing machine while completing small projects every week. 

No experience necessary.

Sewing 101 -

from zero to hero

Learn the basics of this ancient craft.

It will be up to you to decide what object you want to create - belt, purse, knife cover or anything your creative mind comes up with. Explore traditional European and Scandinavian techniques.

Work with leather

Write, draw, paint - all your ideas, experiences, plans... Come create a personalized leather journal cover and learn how to stitch, stamp and finish the leather like a pro!

This super simple system have everything you need - hooks for pens and pencils, little pocket for any small treasures you would like to keep (or for receipts - you know how it is ;) The size is perfect for A6 format note pad, but if you need more space and you would like to make a bigger journal, we can definitely do that.




Drop us a line if you have any suggestion, question or if would like to join our local and international muses roster.

1208 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler

(604) 967-2422

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